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Boris Gaynard

Alone and standing still in the cold air, we consider the windy shores of the Far North, and the vast expanses of rock and ice stretching far out in front of us. The tangy smell of the sea mingles with the more familiar smell of oil fuel and rotting carcasses.


Boris Gayrard displays a landscape of the origins, without artifice nor excess. With great lucidity, the young artist manages to play with formal and visual complexity, creating this fascinating harmony between the tones and colours which characterizes his photographic compositions. 


Boris Gayrard thus allows us to dive into the depths of an ever-changing unknown, without ever giving his secrets away. Each picture enshrouds the soiled land with mysterious legends.



Recent exhibitions

2012 ///Le Cloître Ouvert , Paris
2011 ///  Sérial Galerie, Paris
2011 ///   La Galerie, Kastelorizo, Grèce/// Mois de la photo, galerie Fetart, Paris



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Boris Gaynard




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